New Sustainability

Havaianas + Sustainability
We work for a freer and more sustainable world
We believe in a world without ties and in the power of renewal. We are only free when the world is too.
We want to contribute so that people have sustainable options for their day-to-day decisions, so that they can live in the most sustainable way possible.
Behind all shapes, curves, colors and prints, there are people, suppliers, machines, new technologies and materials that work effectively in the entire production chain of ours our sandals, from their inception to the end of their useful life.
We focus our attention on analyzing the entire value chain, understanding its different links and finding a way to act in favor of the environment and contribute to the empowerment of our partners and suppliers.
We give priority to the processes, initiatives, technologies and materials that allow us to reduce the impact on the environment, and work as partners that further promote this work. span>

Quality Selling

In all of our products, the first thing we take care of is quality. In addition to using high-quality rubber (the main raw material of our production process), all our products incorporate differentiated materials to add more style to the product and new technologies to bring extra comfort to the consumer.

1. Commitment to quality.

Behind all shapes, curves, colors and prints, there are people, suppliers, machines, new technologies, tons of materials and a rigorous quality control that effectively operates throughout the manufacturing process chain of the same sandals, since its inception tied to post-sale. All the components of the sandals follow a rigorous quality control criteria to guarantee that all the technical and Global Legislation specifications are complied with. There is a great concern in not using heavy metals, such as nickel and lead, as well as smoke other allergic substances or harmful to health. We also prioritize manufacturing processes with low environmental impact. Also disso, our components are some two corrosion and hydrolysis tests inside our Innovation Laboratory, which simulate effects of beach and pool.

2. Comfort guarantee

Our footwear has the IBTeC Comfort Certification. All final products pass through a series of tests with specific equipment to verify the temperature (not in the case of closed footwear) and guarantee the necessary comfort in each step.

3. Providers

Our commitment to quality also concerns our suppliers. Through alliances, we apply methods for the approval, development and monitoring of our components manufactured by third parties. We act together to ensure that all the specifications of the two components are met.

Manify for a freer world
Havaianas exist to chart a life and a freer world.
For us, nothing is more popular than a colorful and comfortable environment where everyone can express their unique way of living.
Havaianas welcomes you to its proposal for a freer world. something ours Collaborative. From ourselves to our future us.