meet the people behind havaianas

Ever wondered how your favourite pair of Havaianas came to be? Made in Brazil, every pair is handmade by our dedicated team.

every story has a beginning...

Ours starts long before the manufacturing process!

The first step in the creation process is prototyping. Once they receive the design, the manufacturing team start to turn it into a reality by first sketching it onto a mould. Using design software, they then digitize this to render the prodcut in 3D. From here, any final adjustments to design or fit can be made.

the manufacturing process

The dedication and care that goes into every pair of Havaianas comes directly from the hands that make them. Each person is responsible for a seperate stage of the assembly process, from cutting the patterns, to attaching the straps and creating the logos – even adding each rubber Brazilian flag by hand!

Our team work together to ensure every step of the manufacturing process is given the attention needed to create a perfect finished product.

working towards a more sustainable future

Our commitment to sustainability starts from the beginning of the manufacturing process – 97% of all Havaianas products are made from reused rubber. What's more, 100% of our leftover Top straps are reused in our manufacturing process.

havaianas on canvas

It's hard to believe the first Havaianas were only available in blue and white! Nowadays we're synonymous with colour, with styles ranging from monochrome to rainbow. All the colours you see on your thongs, from the soles to the straps, are developed and created at our factory using a huge range of pigments.

made with brazilian spirit

What's the secret to our artisanal process? The free spirit of Brazilian culture! Today, classic Havaianas aren't the only style created by our talented team of seamstresses. We now proudly manufacture many handmade styles and designs, all made with the same love and dedication as the original thong.